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About Us

What if all Detroit needs is some positive energy, good self esteem and a little grass roots publicity? What if getting people downtown was as easy as telling them what to do and where to park? What if we started spreading positive information about Detroit instead of the usual negative?

We think it’d be a start of something great. Join us at Unmistakably Detroit for a positive twist on the City we love.



Liz head
I’m Liz – a mom, wife and environmental engineer. I have called Metro Detroit home for almost my whole life. Although I live in the suburbs, I take a lot of pride in the City of Detroit. When I travel across the country for work I make it my mission to say great things about Detroit to everyone I meet. When I am at home, I love introducing my two kids (10¬†and 8) to all the fun things that Detroit has to offer.
Greetings! My name is Sylvia and I was born in Poland before moving to Michigan with my parents when I was six years old. After graduating from MTU I moved out to New Hampshire for a three year stint. I loved it out there and will continue to visit, but I felt the urge to move again and decided to move to the Detroit area. I did not know that when I moved here I would eventually make this place my home. I live with my husband Mike and our two cats, Danger and Kiwi. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the D with others and helping them enjoy the city as much as I do.

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