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What Detroit Looks Like To An Out-of-Towner

The company I work for is headquartered in Denver but has 5 pretty large plants in Ohio, so corporate folks travel to them often and always fly in and out of Detroit. As all Detroiters know….flying in and out of Detroit Metro Airport does NOT give one a very good view of what Detroit is like.

So I have decided to change that. One out-of-towner at a time.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of introducing my friend and colleague Sherri to Detroit after we spent a few days in Defiance, Ohio. Instead of just dropping her off at her airport hotel the night before her flight, I took her out to dinner in the D!  And as an added bonus, we did a little pre-dinner drive-by tour of downtown.

It’s always interesting to hear an “outsider’s” perspective. Sherri had never been anywhere in Detroit except for the airport (which obviously is not in Detroit), so she was a blank canvas. And I was happy to be the tour guide for her virgin tour of Detroit.  Here’s some of what she noticed and commented on:

-Corktown. Sherri  commented on the brick streets and the overall “alive” feel of Corktown. She also was really impressed with the food at Gold Cash Gold (me too!!)

-Canada. She didn’t realize how close we were to Canada!

-Architecture. We drove down Griswold and she noticed how awesome the Guardian Building is before I even had a chance to point it out. Plus she commented on a few other buildings along the way.

-Stargate in Hart Plaza (i.e. the UAW monument). Sherri snapped a picture to send to her husband. I couldn’t explain why we have Stargate….does it get us to Canada without going through customs? One of Detroit’s mysteries I guess.

-Greektown. Monroe Street was looking lively and fun as usual!

And perhaps the best comment was Sherri’s overall thoughts on downtown Detroit. She told me that it was very different than what she expected and that she felt like she now had enough first hand info to say good things about Detroit to others. What a win!

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