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Neighborhood Spotlight – Corktown

I was talking to a few people last week about great places to check out in Corktown and was beyond shocked that some people are either just discovering the area or don’t even know where it is or why they should go there. How could one of my favorite neighborhoods still be an unknown or unfamiliar destination? Obviously someone is not doing her job in spreading the word.

Corktown - Detroit's Oldest Neighborhood since 1834Corktown is the little corner marked off by Rosa Parks, I-75, the Lodge, and Porter. It is one of Detroit’s oldest neighborhoods and is considered a historic district. Though predominantly a residential area, there are still great places to spend your money in Corktown. In fact, due to the affordable location this has become a home for creative and original restaurants and bars.

Why is it called Corktown? Some people believe that the name comes from corks used during prohibition and the bootlegging that occurred between Detroit and Windsor. Sorry prohibition peeps, the name’s history is a bit less innocuous. During the Irish potato famine of the 1840’s, a large number of Irish immigrants fled to other countries. The ones that settled in present day Corktown were primarily from Cork County in Ireland. Although it had Irish roots, many other nationalities made their way into Corktown, including German, Mexican and Maltese.

If you can’t get enough Corktown history, check out the Corktown Historical Society page on Facebook.

With St. Patrick’s day coming up, you’ve got a great reason to check out this beloved neighborhood. It’s almost time for the Corktown St. Patrick’s Day Parade! This fun event gets everyone out and in the mood for some fun.

Next up are some of the awesome places that make Corktown a fun destination. The places we love keep pulling us back so we haven’t been able to check out every place on the list, but we will soon!


Corktown Ink – Detroit and Corktown themed clothing – Opening Soon!

El Dorado General Store

Honey Bee Market

Joyride – A new popup location

Ottava Via and Corktown Ink

Businesses along Michigan Ave

 Get Your Drink On

Casey’s – There was a time when Casey’s was in trouble. The more hip places coming into Corktown made it difficult for this traditional bar. However it looks like they’re back. They have a small craft beer selection and great burgers. It’s a perfect place for a quick lunch.

Corktown Tavern

St. Cece’s – Classic drinks with a warm and cozy atmosphere


Nemo’s shuttles are ready to take you to the game

Nemo’s – Another great place to stop for a burger or chicken sandwich at lunch. And once football season starts, this is one of the popular places around Detroit for tailgating.

Batch Brewing Company – This nano brewery likes to keep things interesting by rotating their beers every few weeks. If you find a beer you love, make sure to stock up, because next week it might be gone. All the beers we’ve tried are great and their food selection is not too shabby either.

Brew Detroit – Good beer and some fun activities too – who doesn’t want to play a game of shuffleboard? They don’t have a kitchen, but local restaurants will deliver.

McShane’s Irish Pub – The Buffalo Chicken egg rolls call to us in our sleep. Their beer selection isn’t too shabby either.

Motor City Wine

Maltese American Benevolent Society – Remember when I mentioned the Maltese that came to this area? They’re still here!

Nancy Whiskey

PJ’s Lager House



Historic District Flag

Signs along Michigan Ave

Mudgies – These sandwiches are amazing. The variety also includes some creative vegetarian options that are tasty enough for the typical omnivore. They recently expanded in size, but with this menu I’m sure they still fill up pretty quickly.

Brooklyn Street Local

Ottava Via – Amazing Italian Food with very reasonable prices. Check out our post on them from a few years back!

Bobcat Bonnie’s – Bobcat Bonnie’s took over for Oblivion’s. This fairly new restaurant has entrees that range from traditional to trendy. Save room for dessert, they have a cinnamon roll big enough to share with your whole family. We also recommend checking out their brunch and hitting up the mimosa and bloody mary bar.

Budachrest Grill – Great food. They also will deliver to Brew Detroit.

Rubbed – They have turned sandwich making into an art form with their recipes and fresh ingredients.

Slows – Yes, everyone knows slows. They’ve been doing something right for many years now and have begun expanding to other parts of the state. We may have mentioned them before 🙂

Mercury Burger Bar – Reminiscent of a 50’s diner, Mercury Burger Bar has tasty and inventive burgers. The Faygo Orange Creamsicle is a must have at leaset once, and if they ever remove the Buffalo Tots from the menu, I may cry. They have some veggie options as well.

Gold Cash Gold

Green Dot Stables – Not your typical sliders in a friendly setting. Don’t forget to get some truffle fries.


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