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This Night is Classified

It seems like everyday there’s a business opening up in Detroit. It’s almost becoming hard to keep track of. The amount of links I see is staggering, showing the “Best 5 New Midtown Restaurants,” “You won’t believe these 10 New Bars In Detroit” and “Yet another Bike Shop Opens Up!”

Of course while new places are always fun and exciting, let’s not forget some of the great spots around Detroit that have been here for longer than most of us have been alive. These are the true Detroit lovers that have stood the test of time and are still here providing to residents.

Classified Location

Stopped in front of one of our destinations

With that in mind, we recently had the great experience of going on the Detroit Bus Company’s Drunks of Antiquity tour. The locations are classified, so we’re doing our best to not give it away. Occasionally one of the stops will rotate, but they typically use the same route. You are able to schedule a private tour, however, and then have a little bit of leeway in your stops.

We started at Foran’s Grand Trunk for dinner. The bus pickup locations are not classified mostly, well, that would be tough. Running around the city hoping a bus will pick you up is not the greatest of plans. Speaking of bad plans, we didn’t have much time there to eat since we got there 30-40 minutes prior to the bus’s departure. However our awesome server had our meals boxed up when they came out and we were able to eat once we got on the bus. From there our ride headed to pick up more passengers and some of our friends at the Rosie’s pickup stop in Ferndale. If you plan on eating before hand (which is highly advised), make sure to get to the restaurant one to one and a half hours before the bus leaves. You may spend some time sitting and waiting, but that’s better than missing dinner or the bus!

The ride itself is entertaining. Our tour guide gave us some history of the bars we were about to visit and some fun trivia as well. Each of the bars we visited had character and an interesting story. The bartenders, owners and managers were all friendly and seemed excited to have us crash the place. Even the regulars didn’t seem to mind us showing up en masse.

We had fun, were able to experience some places we’ve never been before and met a few new friends along the way. We also learned a few things on the ride that we can share with you.

Elk with tie

The tie adds some fanciness to the occasion

Tips and Tricks

You can bring a cooler on the bus, but it should be SMALL! It’s an old school bus and on our journey every seat had two people in it. Also, blocking the aisle is a big no-no. You don’t want to trip your fellow drunks as they’re trying to get off the bus.

There will also be plenty of time for drinking at the four stops, so don’t feel like you need to bring a cooler. We did not feel rushed at any of the bars and had time for two drinks each at least. Of course that doesn’t mean you should have two drinks plus a shot at each bar. That would be a bad idea and the rest of your weekend may be shot. This is experience talking here, and you should listen.

Most of the bars only take cash. Even if they take credit cards, your plastic is just slowing the process down and preventing everyone from getting served in a timely fashion.

And finally, behave yourselves. Just because this tour has “Drunks” in the name does not mean you should show up half in the bag. If you do not play nice, they may kick you off the bus. This is a very rare occurrence, but lucky us got to witness it first hand. And no, it wasn’t our group. We’re well behaved and happy drunks.

The End of the night



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