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Local Inspiration – Project Scissor Gait

When looking for people doing amazing things, it’s sometimes easy to look past our own neighborhoods and friends. If you take the time to look around you, you will find there are may people that can inspire and motivate you.

Project Scissor Gait LogoThis brings us to Dearborn native Marty Sheedy. Born with multiple birth defects, Arthrogryposis Congenita Multiplex and Prune Belly Syndrome, his doctors said he would likely not live past three. And if he did make it past that age, he would be hindered from leading a productive life. Fortunately for us, Marty was able to rise above that.

Not only has he lived past the age of 3, he is now approaching 30 and inspiring those around him. He’s not only living, but living a life that many tend to only dream about. He travels, speaks to groups about his story and has dedicated his life to his mission.

A few years ago Marty founded Project Scissor Gait, an organization that helps him fulfill his mission of spreading his story and motivation as well asĀ  helping others with the same birth defects that he has. He works with both Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Arthrogryposis and Prune Belly Associations as well as others to give others hope and show them what is possible.

Marty is living a full life filled while helping and motivating others. He not only has the support and love of his family and friends, he’s even building a celebrity following, having been on stage with musicians and spending time with our local sports heroes at events. He is a local celebrity to be proud of. Check this inspiring story out on Facebook or the Project Scissor Gait website.

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