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Why Does DPS Matter?

Photo from DPS website

Photo from DPS website

There are 46,000 students in Detroit Public Schools. 46,000 kids who are not getting a quality education right now – because how does one learn when the ceilings are falling down, there aren’t enough teachers, the temperatures inside buildings are extreme, and there is mold making you sick.  Don’t these 46,000 students deserve better? Don’t they deserve an education that will give them equal footing to their suburban peers? We need DPS to once again be a successful and thriving school district, because there are 46,000 kids that are counting on it.


46,000 kids who may grow up to be…..

  • Researchers who discover a cure to cancer;
  • Soldiers who fight for our freedom;
  • Pastors and ministers who inspire a community;
  • Moms and dads who will pass knowledge on to the next generation;
  • Engineers who will design the next big thing;
  • Doctors who will take care of us;
  • Community activists who will make sure that ALL of Detroit rises again;
  • Lawyers who will fight for justice for the underprivileged and underrepresented;
  • Athletes who will inspire us to push ourselves;
  • Environmentalists who will ensure future generations have clean water to drink and clean air to breath;
  • Artists who will show us the beauty all around us;
  • Therapists who will help those that are struggling; and
  • Teachers who will continue to fight for their students no matter how hard it is.

And what happens if those 46,000 kids don’t get a quality education? What happens if they are continued to be forced to try to learn under conditions that just get worse each year? Of course, some will beat the odds and still do great things, but I fear that overall, the list above will look much different. Much bleaker. 46,000 kids are counting on us. And we as a community should be counting on them. Because they are 46,000 chances to make a difference.

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