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Detroit Doesn’t Need You. But You Need Detroit.

Sylvia and I

Sylvia and I

I started this blog with my friend Sylvia to promote Detroit. To help bring the City back. To showcase all the great things that are happening and inspire others to believe in it too.

I still want all those things, but I’ve realized something else. Detroit doesn’t need my blog. My words are not going to change the City. My positivity isn’t going to convince someone who is afraid to cross 8 mile to suddenly venture into Detroit for something other than a ball game.  My intentions were good, but they kinda missed the point.

It’s not Detroit that needs me. It’s me that needs Detroit.

Detroit Skyline

I need its art. I need its spirit. I need its amazing food. I need the architecture that I can’t find anywhere else. I need its festivals and music. I need its culture. I need its grit and energy. I need it to be the thing that inspires me.  I want it to be the thing that inspires me. The motivation to be creative. To immerse myself in new things and to put myself out there.

I want to go to the church my Dad went to as a kid and share that history with my kids. To imagine the past when sitting on the wooden pew staring up at the beautiful stained glass windows.  To admire the people that built it and think about the Polish immigrants that sat in those very same pews.

DIAI want to go to the DIA, gaze at the Diego Rivera mural, and think of how lucky we are to have this piece of art in our City. And then walk down the hall and see a Picasso and a Van Gogh.

I want to drive onto Belle Isle, visit the aquarium and admire the green ceiling tiles that make me feel like I am underwater. To feel pride when I notice that there are so many more tanks filled with fish compared to the last time I visited.

I want to dress up for an anniversary dinner at the London Chop House, walk down the steps into the restaurant and pretend we are auto barons from the 1930’s out for a night on the town.

And I want to write about it. Because in writing about it I get to experience it again. I get to be creative. And I get to be a part of Detroit. Because the people that are doing great things for Detroit are putting their heart out there. They are all in. They have showed up. I want to show up too. And maybe in the process, I will inspire someone else.

Detroit doesn’t need me, but I sure need Detroit.

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