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Review of 2013 in Detroit

It was a year ago today that Liz and I sat down and decided to create Unmistakably Detroit. We didn’t have a clear vision, detailed plan of action or even the same name we do today, but the goal of bringing more focus on the good of Detroit was at the heart of our dreams. In this first year we hit 250 followers on Facebook and 600 followers on Twitter. Our blog page views are not as high as we had hoped, but we did this through nothing more than some word of mouth and sharing stories that shined a positive light on the people and places in Detroit.

Overall the year had some highs and some lows for the city of Detroit. Without taking advantage of the highs and learning from the lows, we cannot move on. So let’s take a look at our year in review for 2013 — the good, the bad, and some things you may have missed.


  • Although we were full of hope and promise, Detroit was a bit down after news that we had experienced our deadliest year in recent history hit the mainstream media.
  • The city had further upset when a 30 car pile up on I-75 made national news and resulted in suffering and loss of lives.
  • Fortunately we did have a few good things happen, too. GM announced that they were working on bringing more jobs to Michigan
  • Rob Mentov releases his short video Nothing Stops Detroit, showcasing much of the city through a skateboarder’s point of view
  • And the North American International Auto Show boasted the highest number of attendees in close to 10 years.
  • To top it all off, we write our first post. I know, I know, this is the best part.



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