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Thank You, Markowycz’s European Sausage

Markowycz's European Style Sausage on Michigan Ave

Markowycz’s European Style Sausage on Michigan Ave

Today Markowycz’s European Style Sausages closes their doors after 60 years of serving their loyal patrons. Sadly I did not even know they were there until last night. This morning I woke Mike from his slumber and we headed down to say hello and goodbye to this Detroit staple.

They opened in 1954 when Ted Markowycz moved to the US from Europe. Specializing in smoked and fresh Polish sausage, they also had various European non-perishables. Their deli included pierogis, blood sausage and stuffed cabbage. Their meats are home made and they prided themselves on using no preservatives, hormones or additives.

This morning there was still sausage and bacon left, plus some export goods on the shelf. I was sad to see they were out of pierogis, but we did manage to take home a few links of sausage and some of their home made bacon. I also took home a few packets of some barszcz soup mix that they said tasted pretty good. I’m hoping it will remind me of the barszcz that my mom used to make. If not, I will one day have to learn how to make it from scratch.

Thank you, Markowycz family, for being a part of Detroit history. Enjoy your retirement.

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