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Soccer in the City

Have you heard about Detroit’s soccer team yet? (Yes, we have a soccer team!) Established in 2012, Detroit City Football Club (FC) is a minor league soccer team in the National Premier Soccer League and plays its home games at Cass Tech High School. According to the Detroit City FC website,  DCFC “has established itself as one of the most talked about soccer teams in North America and the grassroots embodiment of a resurgent city.” Don’t believe the website? Well, I did a little recon last weekend and attended the Great Lakes Division tournament semi-final game between Detroit City FC and AFC Cleveland to check it out for myself.

View of the Supporters' Section

View of the Supporters’ Section

You know you are at a different type of sporting event as soon as you start to hear the chants. Other sports teams have fans, but Detroit City FC has Supporters. And they make their presence known. Drums, chants, smoke bombs, songs, dancing, and waving giant flags – the Supporters’ Section is serious about supporting their team. I later learned that the Supporters even march to the game together (parade style) from Harry’s Bar. Then during the game, the Supporters “sit” (though they never actually sit down) on the west side of the field, while the more family friendly section is on the east side. I have to admit – I was a little jealous of the Supporter section as I sat with my family on the east side. I’ve never heard so many chants or seen such high energy from fans – I felt like I was at a European game (well, at least how I imagine a European soccer game to be!). If you want to join the Supporter section, I recommend reading the “warning sign” (see picture below). And while the warnings about smoke bombs are helpful, my favorite part of the sign is at the bottom – “Don’t be an idiot”. Pretty much sums it up (for soccer and for life).


Rules for the Supporters' Section

Rules for the Supporters’ Section

During Saturday’s game, the Supporters (and us regular fans in the family section), had plenty to cheer about as Detroit City FC won the game 3-1, earning themselves a spot in the finals (played on Sunday). (Unfortunately Detroit City FC lost on Sunday.) The game was fun for my whole family and was very affordable. $10 tickets (there were 2 semi-final games that day, usually a single game is $5), free parking on a nearby side street,  and $1 Icee’s at the concession stand. We even splurged and bought some City gear. (We had to look like real fans!)  Next year I am planning on bringing Sylvia and sitting in the Supporters’ Section. We will have to study the chants before we go.

Don’t want to wait till next year to check out Detroit City FC? There is one last game to catch the excitement this season – Wednesday July 17th at 7:30pm at Cass Tech.


Celebrating the win!

Celebrating the win!

Side note: Some of the “mature language” from the Supporters Section can be heard in the family section. My kids were pretty oblivious to it. This wouldn’t be something that deters me from bringing the kids again, but something for families to consider.



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