Unmistakably Detroit

The places and people that make Detroit unique

Rooting for the Underdog

I’ve always been a cheerleader for Detroit, rooting for the underdog. Trying to spread the word that there is much more to the City than the negative we often see in the headlines. But I admit, I really didn’t have any clue how much more. And trust me, there is so much more.  When Sylvia and I created Unmistakably Detroit I started actively seeking out the good of Detroit.  I began by following a few Detroit-based Facebook pages, going to a few museums and restaurants and then one click here, a short walk there, a recommendation to go there….and WOW. I’ve crossed several items off of my to-do list, but somehow my to-do list has quadrupled! 

Liz and kids

 With every trip into the City, I discover about 4 other things I want to do. Every news article or blog I read, leads me to at least 2 others. It’s like jumping down the rabbit hole.  I’ve also learned that there is a group of Detroiters for everything – people interested in history, people preserving buildings, people starting technology companies, people excited about art…the list goes on and on.  The common thread of all these people? Their passion. Their excitement. Their faith. Faith that Detroit is on a comeback. And their desire to be a part of it.

I’ve realized that I want to be a part of the comeback too. Because it’s not one group that is going to bring the City back. It’s all of these groups, big and small, each trying to do or promote something different.  And what I think is really unique, is that all of these individual groups are working together. They promote each other’s events and products, and they are excited for each other’s success.  The positive energy is contagious.

My hope is that Unmistakably Detroit can be a part of that positive energy. Maybe a small part, but a part nonetheless. It’s already got me excited. My family and I have done more things in Detroit over the past 4 months than we usually do in a year.   And we’ll keep going, not because of the blog – but because we are having so much fun! I have been able to expose my kids to art, science, history, new foods, architecture, and so much more.   And as I watch the excitement on their faces, I can’t help but wonder if their generation may be the first since my grandparent’s generation to see Detroit for what it really is. A great City. An unmistakable City.

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