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Sly’s Top Five Date Nights in Detroit

Although the dinner and a movie dates do have a place in your dating repertoire, I’d like to expand on that and make sure you can give your sweetie a night to remember in Detroit. There is so much to do in the D that will sweep your significant other of their feet and will add fun and variety to your date nights. Below I’ve outlined some awesome dates that will put some magic into your love life. Each category below has one or two pre-set dates. Feel free to mix and match some of the options but remember to keep it Detroit friendly. Each date suggestion is made of three parts:

  1. The Main Event: This is the main focus of the date. It’s meant to pull in your date or potential date into saying yes.
  2. Food: No one likes to be hungry on a date. It’s always so awkward — grumbling belly’s, hunger headaches and general crankiness. Plus eating gives you time to think of things to talk about while chewing your food.
  3. Bonus: This is the finishing touch on the date. It adds a little something that your date does not expect and will help you seal the deal, whatever sort of deal you are hoping for.

1. Cultural

The Main Event: The Mosaic Youth Theatre
Food: Vicente’s
Bonus: Salsa Dancing at Vicente’s
The Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit does an amazing job of entertaining the crowds. Check out the reactions to the show at the CriticCar Youtube channel.

I love the Car Critic reviews because they’re taken right after someone watches the show and you can feel the energy of the crowd that you just can’t get from reading a review. After the show head back downtown to Vicente’s for dinner. This Cuban restaurant is family owned and operated and the food is amazing. Whether you go with the tapas or one of the entrees or platters, the food is unlike any other in Detroit. After dinner stick around for some salsa dancing on Friday and Saturday nights at 11p.m.

The Main Event:Detroit Institute of Arts
Food: Rodin
Bonus: Detroit Artists Market

What a beautiful building!

What a beautiful building!

The second cultural option takes us to the Midtown/Wayne State area. The Detroit Institute of Arts is a Metro Detroit staple. If you are looking for more than wandering the exhibits, check out one of their hands-on workshops, like paper marbling or crayon rubbing. After the DIA, take your sugar pie over to Detroit Artists Market – a great hidden gem of a gallery. Both are sure to bring out your inner artist! For a tasty meal, head across the street from the DIA to Rodin for some French inspired cuisine and dancing.

2. Sporty

Instead of doing one of the usual big three downtown (Lions, Tigers and Red Wings, oh my!), take your sweetie to one of the other games in town.

The Main Event: Detroit City Futbol
Food: El Barzon
Bonus: Old Shillelagh

Take a walk through Greektown to your next destination

Take a walk through Greektown on your way to Old Shillelagh

The DCF has made it on to our site before (Liz’s Kid Activities) and it comes up once again. The crowds are great and with the weather getting warmer, this is a great opportunity to see some fast paced sports in Detroit. Since soccer is not that popular in the US, let’s search out some foreign flavors for the rest of the date. After the game head over to Mexicantown and hit El Barzon – a Mexican/Italian restaurant. If that sounds odd to you, do not fret my dear child. The food is amazing and the restaurant has great date night atmosphere. After dinner let’s turn up the excitement again. Head over to Ol’ Shillelagh where they have live Irish music on Friday and Saturday nights. You and your date will be dancing and singing along in no time.

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